Ultimate Ears Mini Boom

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom

I bought this speaker because I was looking for something I could have on in the kitchen when I’m cooking and also to take on picnics etc.

My requirements at the time were for something lightweight, Bluetooth and something that could take a few knocks, but didn’t cost so much that I would be worried about it getting dirty or scratched up.

I wanted something that met all those needs but also sounded good enough that it wouldn’t do my head in by being too tinny or lacking definition.

This speaker cost me about £45 from the French Amazon site, which was a no-brainier as it was about £80 on the UK site at the time.

I wanted something which was from a reputable brand, rather than a generic Bluetooth speaker from eBay or the like. Ultimate Ears used to make exceptionally good audio products and despite the fact that they have since been acquired by Logitech I still thought this was a safe bet having read up on speakers in this price range.

I was not disappointed. The speaker arrived in a very nice, classy looking display case, there was clearly no expense spared on the presentation of this device. I was looking forward to hearing it as soon as I laid eyes on it.

I immediately hooked it up to my iPhone via Bluetooth, a very painless process, and fired up some tunes.

Initially at low volume I was instantly impressed. The highs are brilliant, the lows were not powerful, but still present and extremely clear. For the price I paid the sound quality of this speaker is extremely good.

It puts out a very impressive volume for its size and is easily capable of filling a kitchen or adding atmosphere to a garden or out in the woods on a picnic with the kids.


Let’s not get carried away here, it’s not going to replace your home stereo, but given that this thing fits on the palm of your hand it is very impressive. If you crank it right up it will distort the sound clarity slightly, to the less perceptive ear this may not be a concern, but I’ve found I turn it all the way up and the notch down once on the volume if I want it as loud as it will go, otherwise the clarity is affected.

The speaker is lightweight, but feels solid in the hand, so much so that whilst I spent an age before I bought it trying (and failing) to find a suitable carry case for it, I’ve come to the conclusion having owned it for a while now that I don’t need a case for it. It’s a compact little unit and I imagine it could take a few knocks and keep going for years. It has a rubberised finish all around apart from the grills front and back, and it seems well protected all round. I just throw it in my work bag now and it’s always at hand.

I’m very happy with this purchase for its price range, there are way better sounding speakers on the market in terms of bass response and sheer volume, but not at this price range.

I regularly take this speaker into the office and despite it being a massive room, this speaker is more than capable of filling it with sound at an acceptable volume. It’s really nice to provide a little background music, but certainly isn’t designed for a party.

I need to be clear on one thing, if you want thumping bass that rumbles your chest you are not going to get it from this speaker, the lows are there, like I said, but they are the area that let’s this speaker down. I say it’s let down by this, but at the end of the day if your spending about fifty quid on a speaker and expecting it to blow your ears off your expectations are not realistic. At all.

I’ve recently got myself a Bose Sound link Mini II (reviewed HERE) for this exact reason. The two do not compare, but nor should they, given that I could have bought 3-4 of these Mini Booms for the price of a single Bose. The Bose was £169 and it sounds it, but if you are looking for a budget option and don’t mind shopping around to get a decent price on it then I do highly recommend the UE Mini Boom. It’s fantastic for £50, but if you can only find it for closer to £100 then it would be worth saving up for something with a little more punch.

UE Mini Boom

UE Mini Boom

Sound quality








What's Awesome?

  • Clear sound
  • Lightweight
  • Solid build
  • Price

Not so much...

  • Bass lacking

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