Bose Soundlink Mini II

Bose Soundlink Mini II

The Bose Soundlink Mini II is a portable Bluetooth speaker available in two different finishes… Carbon and Pearl.




I have been looking forward to this one for a while now! I was first introduced to the Bose Sound link Mini when my friend at work brought one in for us to listen to some tunes on a Friday afternoon.


Having come from my UE Mini Boom (reviewed HERE) I was absolutely blown away!

I instantly wanted one as soon as I heard it. I very nearly bought one, but the thing that put me off was that the speaker had a proprietary charger which I knew would be a ball ache to cart around with me, not to mention a nightmare if I ever broke it. I ideally wanted a speaker that could be charged via a standard USB cable. Not least so that I could charge it with my portable battery pack for times when I wouldn’t be near a mains outlet. Sadly, Bose didn’t make a speaker that would charge via USB…

Then came the Bose Sound Link Mini II, which you CAN charge with USB. This bad boy went straight on the Christmas list.


To my delight I opened it up Christmas morning 😀

The sound clarity on this speaker is absolutely crystal clear. The highs twinkle like the stars in a Christmas night sky and the lows are deep and crisp and even!

Seriously though… It is VERY good. It effortlessly fills a room, the sound is punchy and incredibly fulfilling for a device of this size. I say size, but not weight, this thing weighs a tonne! It’s not too big to carry around in your handbag or hopefully some kind of more manly carrying receptacle in my case, but it certainly is too heavy for that purpose.

For this reason and this reason alone it won’t be completely replacing my UE Mini Boom, I will still be using that to chuck in a bag and take on picnics with the kids etc., but I doubt I will ever use that in the house any more. From a listening experience point of view, this thing blows the Mini Boom out of the water in every possible way. I know people will be reading this thinking “you nob, how can you compare a £169 speaker with a £50 one” I agree, they are incomparable, but they are the only two portable speakers I own so, that’s why I’m comparing them. If I had unlimited funds or people sending me products for review like some lucky people seem to have, then I would be doing a much better comparison with something in the right price range.

Bose are renowned for quality sound, albeit at a premium price, and they do not disappoint. I’ve heard the Bose Sound Link, the bigger brother of this speaker and although it is louder, this speaker is just as clear. The bass on this one doesn’t seem to go as loud as the highs, when you turn it right up, arguably too loud, the bass seems to top out before the treble does, meaning that at its extreme the sound is not as rounded as it is at say half volume. If I want music at that volume, I have a decent amp and speakers which I can use in the living room to meet that need.

The Bose Soundlink Mini II really is a beautiful thing. The build quality is exceptional, it’s absolutely solid, like a brick. If you were looking for an extremely expensive murder weapon, or something to protect you from bears or other huge wild animals, I think you could easily use this to bludgeon a large mammal to death, possibly even accidentally, with it being SO heavy! I exaggerate obviously, but this thing is an absolute weapon.

Due to the weight and cost of this device and the fact that it’s made from painted aluminium which could be quite easy to scratch, it may be worth buying a rubberised cover for it, they are available in various colours and don’t detract from the sound as they don’t cover the front and back grilles of the speaker. I haven’t got one of these yet, but I think it’s on the cards…


So yeah, if you have £169 to spunk, or an extremely generous spouse with a penchant for making you smile at Xmas, put this speaker on your list 🙂


Bose SoundLink Mini II

Bose SoundLink Mini II

Sound quality










What's Awesome?

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Exceptional build quality
  • 10 hour Battery
  • USB chargable

Not so much...

  • Very Heavy
  • Expensive

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